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Quotable Quote

Bully Ray is the good guy. Bully Ray who has been violent and abusive towards women on a consistent basis, was going to kill Mr. Anderson’s wife and set his actual babies on actual fire, has been a terrible employee and tried to destroy the company with noxious motorcycle fumes and crummy friends, and was steadfast and immovable in the notion that he’s a bad bad man who dos bad bad things. So why are we all like oh, okay, cool, that lady trying to run a wrestling company is obviously the evil one?

The thing I’m not touching on in all of this is the gross, misogynistic stink all of this has to it. But Danielle, Mae Young went through a table! Yes. She did. And Bully Ray was a bad guy when he did it. But Danielle, why can’t a woman go through a table just like a man does? Are you against equality or something? Sure, if this was presented as a case of two equals in the ring hurting each other. Dixie is not a wrestler. We’ve been told that multiple times, and that is the constant reason given as to her ineptitude at running a wrestling show. Yes, Dixie has pushed Bully through a table, but at no point did she lift him up and slam him through one. At no point were they ever, ever presented on equal terms. Violence in intergender matches becomes problematic when the idea that a woman is inferior to their male opponent, and this is the same thing. Bully Ray has stalked her, threatened her, created instance after instance of fear and intimidation, and the worst thing Dixie has done in retaliation is defend herself, or act like she wasn’t scared of a dude who literally want to murder her to solve some imaginary problem that can’t actually be solved by this outcome. Did she get him fired when he really, desperately should be? No. She couldn’t even do that. So what does this display prove? That big bad Bully Ray can put someone’s mom through a table? That’s how you get over as a strong good guy babyface? That he can break someone’s neck and not go to jail?

Yeah, okay. Cool story, bro.

For TNA, The End Has Finally Come

News broke early this morning that will inevitably change the landscape of pro wrestling: Spike TV had cancelled Impact, TNA’s weekly show and a Spike mainstay for over eight years. The company appears to have no future after October (when the current Spike contract expires) and its Bound for Glory PPV (which itself could be in jeopardy due to this news).

I could write a whole history of TNA’s awful decisions both on- and off-screen, but Taimapedia beat me to the punch. (’sup /wooo/.) I could talk about the quality of TNA content over the past 12 years, but everyone else has done that subject to death (and so have I, in the past). What else could I dare talk about, then, but my own experiences with the TNA content delivered to me?

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A Worthwhile Watch

Busted Open Nation interviews Austin Aries

In this lengthy interview on ‘SiriusXM’s Premiere Wrestling Show’, Austin Aries discusses a number of topics ranging from the success of former Ring of Honor co-workers CM Punk and Daniel Bryan in WWE to various issues surrounding his current employer, TNA.

Aries rarely minces his words or holds back on giving his opinion, which makes the interview a must-watch for any wrestling fan.

How TNA Improved The Main Event Mafia

TNA spent the majority of its 2009 focusing on a group named ‘The Main Event Mafia’ (MEM). This group of main eventers and former world champions came together to teach the current generation of wrestlers to respect those who built the foundation upon which they stood today. The group disbanded in late 2009, but former member Sting revived the group a few weeks ago as a counter-attack against Aces & Eights, the supergroup of villains that has run roughshod over TNA for close to a year.

At this point, you might ask yourself, ‘What makes the current iteration of the MEM different than its 2009 version?’ I happen to have an answer for that: the current version of the MEM has two things the original version of the group never had.

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Hurts So Good

The fine folks at WrestleGasm offer a brief but well-considered look into a question I’ve struggled with in the past: how do you enjoy a hobby or form of entertainment (e.g. pro wrestling in general and TNA in particular) that challenges your moral values?